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Field Sounds:  The Word of Shallis

Field Sounds: The Word of Shallis

Hello again, dear readers.  The weather has turned most foul, and unfortunately it has thwarted our attempts to make contact with the noble faeries.  We ventured out into the rain hoping that they would not hold to the letter of their message, but I’m afraid they are quite literal-minded creatures.  No moon light, and so they did not appear.  Or perhaps it has all been a game for them, and they never meant to?  When the moons are full again, we will make a second attempt.

I am not afraid to admit that I have not been in the best of moods since I last wrote.  Losing a friend is never a pleasant experience, and it has led me to be most reflective this past week.  I have read your messages, and I have been tardy in replying.  I apologize.

First, allow me to present the 5th edition of Field Sounds.  Miss Watkins relates a most astounding tale from her childhood.  I would not believe it if I had not verified the facts of the event myself in the local library’s archives.


Now, to answer your questions.

Dr. A.M. Acadine– I wish you luck in yoru research with the hibylik.  You are a braver soul than I.  Demons are entities that I very much prefer to avoid, regardless of the scientific discoveries to be made.  Your research sounds most interesting, however, and I do hope to read more of it from the comfort of my laboratory.  I am grateful that there are scientists like you doing such work.  My faeries and insects are rarely so dangerous. Although lately, it would not appear that way…

You are right that I should speak more with the boggarts and the Bird Queen regarding the totem and its function.  Unfortunately, I have seen not one boggart since the events last related.  There is a raven that has taken to sitting outside my window at all hours of the day, and I suspect that they are keeping an eye upon me.  I don’t yet have the courage to communicate with the Queen (and thus the birds) just yet.  She seemed–I should say, they seemed–quite annoyed by the thievery.  But birds are no strangers to thieving, and perhaps they will forgive with time.

Mr. Mortlewood,  I am terribly pleased to hear that my work with the boggarts has had such an effect on your own research. These Puff-Vipers you describe sound truly unique.  Please do send me more on this species when you can.  A specimen perhaps?  I would very much like to dissect such a creature.

Dr. Ventius, I believe you are correct in your solution to the mystery of the Queen’s appearance, at least in part.  I do not think that the Queen takes her appearance from my mind necessarily, as all those who have come in contact with her appear the same, and I am able to make photonic captures.  If she were a purely psychic manifestation, then I do not believe this would be the case. Still, I have wracked my memories and I am afraid I can remember no individual with a like appearance.  Something for me to ponder further, though, and I thank you for the suggestion.  As to the implication regarding the boggarts, I am in agreement there as well, but do not wish to speak at length on the subject, as I am pursuing a line of research into this very question.

Again, my friends, I apologize for dallying in my correspondence.  I will endevour to respond more quickly in the future.

Sincerely, Julius T. Roundbottom

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