Photonic Capture Gallery

I have collected all of my photonic captures in one file here for your viewing pleasure.  Activate any image to to enter the gallery mode.  At least, I think that’s how it works.  This technology is a little outside of my expertise.


Regarding Moth Pixies and Browncaps A Fire Faery Tree at Dusk The Common Maned Sprite A Most Annoying Pest: The Black Hob The Sad Fate of the Park Crabs Notes Regarding the New Optics, a Self Portrait An Unusual Mycoid The Clockwork Spider Another Clockwork Curiosity The Villain Revealed An Examination of the Infamous Frozen Hand The Escape Interview with a Steam Rat To Bind a Steam Wraith A Threat No Longer The Carrier Snail An Amazing Discovery Regarding the Primitive Boggart Meeting the Bird Queen The Arrival of Professor Welterschmidt An End to the War and a Friendship A Hawk’s Meal The Inkblot Spider and Her Prey The Deadly Mr. Whiskers Faery Wintering Nests
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