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Other Steampunk

Other Steampunk-inspired aetheric informatitron sites include:

  • Brass Goggles:  your one-stop source for Steampunk news.
  • Steamfashion Group:   Livejournal’s community
  • Steampunk Star Wars:  a reimagining of the popular kinetoscope series.
  • Steamfashion: a popular community with tremendous imagination.
  • Abney Park:  escapees from a steampunk world, touring as musicians.  I find the music a bit heavy for my tastes, but their shows are wildly entertaining, or so I have read.  My young technical assistant, responsible for the Informatitron, adores them with startling fanaticism.
  • Steampunk Workshop:  where amazing steamworks are made.
  • Etsy Steam Team:  more fine craftspeople with impressive wares to sell.

If you have additional information that I have overlooked from this hastily written list, please contact me via the Informatitron.  I will add your data posthaste.

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