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The Common Maned Sprite

The Common Maned Sprite

I have been very busy researching very unusual insects that have recently invaded the environs of the Park, but I had to stop and take a photonic capture of this common maned sprite. These are not uncommon sights in the Park, and in fact, are quite a nuisance at times. They’re normally quite shy, but, and I suspect this is because they exist on a diet of the whisps, they are attracted to shiny objects. Such as my tools!

One afternoon while I was making a capture of a new species of tree lichen, a maned sprite snatched several probes from my tool pouch. I caught a glimpse of the creature fleeing with the tools in its arms and gave chase. Luck was with me, and I startled it with a blast of compressed air from my trusty air gun (a tool no microcosm researcher should ever be without–never underestimate the ability of a heady burst of carbon dioxide to stun a subject). I only recovered two of three tools, however, as it took to the canopy after recovering. They have no use for tools and no doubt it soon discarded it. If you happen to be on the eastern edge of the park and you find a small silver-plated spoon engraved with my initials, you would have my eternal gratitude if you post it to me at Mrs. Dowd’s boarding house.  I’m sure you know the address.

Sincerely, Julius T. Roundbottom

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