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Field Sounds: Boggarts Prepare for War

Field Sounds: Boggarts Prepare for War

I enter this missive into the Informatitron with a great amount of pride and no small amount of pain.  Three days ago, Miss Watkins and I took the recorder deep into the Park.  The second edition of Field Sounds provides all the evidence I believe the scientific community will need to prove that the boggarts possess more than a basic intelligence.

Not much more, mind you.  Please excuse my behavior and words in the latter minutes of the recording.

Yes, ahh–so. Moving forward, I am determined to locate this figure known as the “Bird Queen” before the boggarts can.  A battle between a bird army and a tribe of highly armed boggarts would disturb the habitats of countless rare species and while I prefer to remain uninvolved in natural matters, this is clearly a case where intelligent beings could do harm, and I have no qualms of becoming involved.  While I have successfully documented the intelligence of the boggarts, be that what it may, I have not yet determined what the cause of this conflict between the two forces.  What could this Bird Queen have done to anger the boggarts enough that she should be killed, to work them into such a rage? Listen carefully–perhaps some of you can make out some of the boggarts native language, and provide clues as to the nature of the conflict…

I present to you the second edition of Field Sounds:


Returning to the matter of intelligence, I hope that you will agree that the boggarts possess an intelligence more than say a common moth pixie or the sprites. I now have numerous tool samples to add to my collection, as well as the captures and this recording.  Arrangements have been made to present these findings to the Urban Explorer’s Club in two weeks.   My latest wounds should be healed enough in time.  The members are a notorious rambunctious group, and the dinner party afterward will test even my constitution, fully healed or not.  Until this, I will convalesce as best I can and research the Queen.  I have sent word to the Park’s urchin gangs that I seek an audience, and with their keen eyes on the lookout, it will only be a matter of time before her whereabouts are made known.

Sincerely, Julius T. Roundbottom

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